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Bella Mia @ No.1
An Italian restaurant in the Quays food dock

Welcome to Bella Mia Pizza @ No. 1, your gateway to authentic Italian pizza in the heart of Gloucester Quays. We’re more than just a restaurant – we’re a vibrant, culinary adventure that brings the heart and soul of Italy onto your plate.

Founded on the principles of traditional Italian cooking, Bella Mia serves up a tantalizing blend of classic and contemporary pizza flavours. Our menu is a testament to Italy’s rich culinary heritage, with each pizza handcrafted using the freshest ingredients and traditional Italian techniques.

Nestled in the picturesque Gloucester Quays, our restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for family meals, romantic dinners, or casual catch-ups with friends. As you step through our doors, you’ll be welcomed with the delightful aroma of fresh pizza dough baking in our traditional wood-fired ovens, hinting at the delicious journey that awaits.

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